Eşimin Bana Güveni Tam | Legacy 176. Bölüm

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Yaman Kırımlı is a successful and young businessman who had a rough childhood but never gave up, on the contrary he even became stronger with every obstacle. He started his life from the bottom and became very wealthy. All he has in his world, is a family that he has to take care of after his father’s death. He closed his heart to all romantic feelings a long time ago and his only weakness is his 5-year old nephew… Little Yusuf is very well protected under his uncle’s arms, but he craves loves and sympathy. The only happy image in his mind is his aunt Seher.

Seher is a beautiful and humble girl living with her grandfather. Her life is shaken by the death of her sister who was the bride of the Kırımlı family. From now on, she has a legacy she has to take care at all costs: Her little nephew Yusuf. This adventure will arise the long hidden secrets of the Kırımlı mansion; while a whole another legacy will start to grow in Seher and Yaman's hearts.

ARTLANTIC Muaj më parë
Translation Doctor: ah Mr yaman also came, I wanted you to come cause it would be better if u stay too Seher: i can do it myself! I mean .... Yaman: ....am I wrong? Doctor : Yes, should we get started? Now do like this comfortably... İs it paining Mrs Seher? Seher: no not much, a little Doctor: I'll be holding her leg , can u please help Alright, now we'll rest But face is pale is it paining? Seher: no I'm fine
Cameron Jacob
Cameron Jacob 2 ditë më parë
@Jamari Bishop try Flixzone. You can find it by googling :)
Jamari Bishop
Jamari Bishop 2 ditë më parë
I guess it's kinda randomly asking but does anybody know a good site to stream newly released movies online?
MIRIAN Muaj më parë
Thanks a lot 😊
SharLey West Indies
SharLey West Indies Muaj më parë
Thanks for your effort. Really appreciate🙂🙂🙂🙂🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Tatiana Luca
Tatiana Luca Muaj më parë
@ARTLANTIC Thanks again our ANGEL ❤❤❤
Dalshi Niroshima Siriwardhane (sanee)
Dalshi Niroshima Siriwardhane (sanee) 14 ditë më parë
we need english subtitles
Mariling Quintero
Mariling Quintero Muaj më parë
Xf ponganla en español los siquiente capitulo desde nicaragua
Nur-Aiyam Hassan
Nur-Aiyam Hassan Muaj më parë
Please please have an english translation..thank you ..
Waves Cell
Waves Cell Muaj më parë
Guyz do u know if they"re gonna translate these clips soon??
Migdalia Rodriguez
Migdalia Rodriguez Muaj më parë
Por favor traducirla pronto en español pues a pesar de pasarla en su idioma la estoy viendo gracias
Reyna Castillo
Reyna Castillo Muaj më parë
Tadruce los últimos capítulos en Español por favor. 🙏
Mayrim Cabrera
Mayrim Cabrera Muaj më parë
Que lastima que no sigan pasando los subtítulos me entristece no saber que le dice yaman a seher.les 🙏🙏 que sigan poniendo los subtítulos por favor .muchas gracias por la atención saludos desde México
Sheila Cole
Sheila Cole Muaj më parë
I’m so jutted from 176 I can’t get anything in English and I love this Series it’s the first time I have watched something like this and I would be really upset if I can’t watch it until the end xxx
Susana Ramas
Susana Ramas Muaj më parë
Buenos días, ya no ponen los subtítulos en español?
007Charmedfan Muaj më parë
Please subtitles 🙏
Xgf Dvfg
Xgf Dvfg Muaj më parë
Keşke doktor erkek gelseydi yada yardimcisi erkek gelseydi yamandan ful kiskanclik görüb izlesedik
Shubhangi Ahirkar
Shubhangi Ahirkar Muaj më parë
Pls download with English subtitles 🙏
Orietta Figueroa
Orietta Figueroa Muaj më parë
En español
marjorie leal
marjorie leal Muaj më parë
Q paso con la traducción en espsñol
Mayrim Cabrera
Mayrim Cabrera Muaj më parë
Y dónde están los subtítulos por favor no entiendo nada de lo que dicen se los ruego por favor. Saludos desde México
mena rai
mena rai Muaj më parë
I waiting for subtitles
Megid Mejid
Megid Mejid Muaj më parë
Evangelia Fthenaki
Evangelia Fthenaki Muaj më parë
Please english subtitles
Maria Osuna
Maria Osuna Muaj më parë
Hola cómo desearía que la pasaran por telemundo
Nazos Nazo
Nazos Nazo Muaj më parë
Songul nefesin kesilsin ınş
Jeane Alejo
Jeane Alejo Muaj më parë
English translation please
Ana Carrillo
Ana Carrillo Muaj më parë
Los capitulos completos deberían de ser en español/inglés o mínimo todas las escenas de Sever y Yaman. Tienen muchos seguidores, no nos hagan sufrir 😭😭😭
just jessie
just jessie Muaj më parë
Maybe the translator of this drama series...also fell down on the stairs..and i think the translator of this drama series emanet still on the hospital..thats why the viewers like me cannot understand what the character tells about.....hoping the up coming episodes have already translate in english...please🙏
Sonia Slongo
Sonia Slongo Muaj më parë
Lütfen altyazıları İspanyolca olarak koyar mısın? Nazik ilginiz ve müsaitliğiniz için çok teşekkür ederim. Çok teşekkür ederim❤️
Babul Anwar
Babul Anwar Muaj më parë
Shravantika Das
Shravantika Das Muaj më parë
Y no English subtitles 😰😰
Mano Mano
Mano Mano Muaj më parë
Why can't translate in english
00 00
00 00 Muaj më parë
So point of seher accident was to get seher use to yamans touch, ok i see what you did there Naz well done by the end of this seher will be completely comfortable in her husbands arm. Then hubby & wifey time🙄😘
Adina Roman
Adina Roman Muaj më parë
Yaman love very much wife ❤❤
Adina Roman
Adina Roman Muaj më parë
Zamanda hersey guzel oluyor , simdi ask var hayat guzel var Yaman soz verdi herzaman yaninda.❤❤
Irais279 Muaj më parë
Jajaja, cuando se ha visto que un esguince de tobillo se corrija asi, minimo le hubiesen comprado el accesorio para equilibrio (la media pelotita), para que ahi la pusiera a mejorar su tobillo y él ahí ayudandola. A veces a los escritores y directores se les olvida que las series dan vuelta al mundo, pero hay cosas que aqui y del otro lado se corrigen exactamente igual. En fin divertido el momento, ya ni modo.
Edmar Vargas
Edmar Vargas Muaj më parë
English sub where are?
Caridad Callis
Caridad Callis Muaj më parë
Por q no han traducción.esta serie con los capítulos q están trasmitiendo es una lastima no poderla ver
Jazmin Pablo
Jazmin Pablo Muaj më parë
Subtitulado por favor 🙏
cupcake tiny
cupcake tiny Muaj më parë
translate english please
Rita Stpu Sitepu
Rita Stpu Sitepu Muaj më parë
Why,,,, not translate english again ?
Rosa iris Andre
Rosa iris Andre Muaj më parë
Que bonito 🥺😍❤
Ivonne Pulecio
Ivonne Pulecio Muaj më parë
Ese yaman cada vez con más confianza
Perla Caran
Perla Caran Muaj më parë
Yaman como la cuida bello
Celina Braz Rosa
Celina Braz Rosa Muaj më parë
Tradução espanhol
Decie Bantay
Decie Bantay Muaj më parë
English translation please.
Adriana Moreira
Adriana Moreira Muaj më parë
Assistir em português
Lucía R
Lucía R Muaj më parë
Seher arde por dentro cada vez que Yaman la toca, y le da vergüenza a la pobre, yo ardo solo de verlo y no me avergüenzo jaja
Armana Manabat
Armana Manabat Muaj më parë
Subtitle pls..
Mary M.
Mary M. Muaj më parë
Traduccion en español
roberta Tola
roberta Tola Muaj më parë
Sottotitoli i spagnolo grazieeeeeeeee
quick&easy Muaj më parë
Yaman la ayuda con mucho amor y confianza que se la transmite a ella 🥰🥰
bela Silva
bela Silva Muaj më parë
em brasileiro
Anna Reuel
Anna Reuel Muaj më parë
Lean on the mountain seher.😁
Soumyadeep Datta
Soumyadeep Datta Muaj më parë
Ki prem ki prem bhai......ettto prem to Hollywood eo hoyna....dhong jottoshob
Paxshan Khatab
Paxshan Khatab Muaj më parë
Salefe Rios
Salefe Rios Muaj më parë
Español por favor
marvin malvar
marvin malvar Muaj më parë
English plz
Guisela Aguilar
Guisela Aguilar Muaj më parë
「 l ૯ ૯ 受騙 」
「 l ૯ ૯ 受騙 」 Muaj më parë
Estou rindo muito! Esse fisioterapeuta (Yaman) esta maravilhoso !Agora essa Seher é dá raiva, sempre na defensiva ,desconfiada e timidez excessiva fora do comum. Doida para tirar uma casquinha do maridão mais a timidez é um problema.kkkkk
Mercedes bayo reyes
Mercedes bayo reyes Muaj më parë
Ooo noo sin traducir en español no entiendo nada q pena, esperando desde el jueves pasado 😪
jeniya Moonesinghe
jeniya Moonesinghe Muaj më parë
What a wonderful husband.i appreciate very much for having it in English subtitles but upto only 178.
Leticia Velarde
Leticia Velarde Muaj më parë
Feliz día de la madres
Rachel Sherk
Rachel Sherk Muaj më parë
Please add english subtitles
Mari luz Villar
Mari luz Villar Muaj më parë
A C Muaj më parë
English subtitles please!
Kamisah Isah
Kamisah Isah Muaj më parë
Yaman husband standby ❤️👏👏😘😘😘
Julka Kajtazan
Julka Kajtazan Muaj më parë
English please
Hajra Abbasi
Hajra Abbasi Muaj më parë
If that's how he will help her 24/7 she will heal in one or two day max....lol
A. AMORE Muaj më parë
God there is more touching in this scence than the whole serial...🤣
axmedoff Muaj më parë
HALİl supersen👍👍👍👍👍🇦🇿
axmedoff Muaj më parë
axmedoff Muaj më parë
Ema Anderson
Ema Anderson Muaj më parë
Thank you to those of you that translate . I have learned a little bit of Turkish but not enough to understand everything. Thank you
Maria.d.Carrasco Martinez
Maria.d.Carrasco Martinez Muaj më parë
Ana Maria Gonzalez Fernandez
Ana Maria Gonzalez Fernandez Muaj më parë
Hoy no tenemos subtítulo hay el Paquito que está de vacaciones
İlahə Bəşirova
İlahə Bəşirova Muaj më parë
*Benim bütün zamanım eşimin* Yaman Kırımlı😄aşık hallerine bayılıyommmm
MarianaPhoenix Muaj më parë
I never thought I would say this, but God bless you Ikbal witch! :D
Dallendyshe Gjoka
Dallendyshe Gjoka Muaj më parë
T A Muaj më parë
Aşk bu sabırla güvenerek her anında yanında ola bilmekdi😍😍
Rosario Suarez
Rosario Suarez Muaj më parë
Hoy no hay subtitulo en español
Talla Lee
Talla Lee Muaj më parë
So Yamans a gangster , business man arrow thrower Poet Nurse And now therapist 😂
Cynthia Muaj më parë
and movie buff
Edileuza Noronha
Edileuza Noronha Muaj më parë
Betânia Souza Silva
Betânia Souza Silva Muaj më parë
E o yaman está adorando essa fisioterapia ❤❤❤
Selvie Avdia
Selvie Avdia Muaj më parë
Finaly!!! It's MONDAY👋👋🤗
E as legendas???
Ha Mns
Ha Mns Muaj më parë
Bende seher ve yaman guvenyorum
men sen
men sen Muaj më parë
Hayırlı akşamlar herkese . Ben ikbalın diziden ayrılmasını isdemiyorum biliyomusunuz arkadaşlar neden isdemiyorum çunku seherle yamanın bir birilerine sevgisini görsun çatlasın zaten o cehenemde yaşıyo
Belen Escurra
Belen Escurra Muaj më parë
Traducir en español😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏
Silvia Viscicaro
Silvia Viscicaro Muaj më parë
Bravo Yaman como cuida a su esposa !! Y de paso ...!!! Nos hace felices a Seher y a las fans Vamos Paco volvé que es lunes !!
Vikki Untamed (Untamed)
Vikki Untamed (Untamed) Muaj më parë
I don't like the fact, that Seher behaves like a child🙄
Ana Paula Cruz
Ana Paula Cruz Muaj më parë
Burada çok segvi var
Qurat Nida
Qurat Nida Muaj më parë
When Yaman is going to change his clothes??????????????
Esti Salas
Esti Salas Muaj më parë
Y hoy no hay subtitulado en español
Farhana Khan
Farhana Khan Muaj më parë
I must say these comments are the 2 nd best thing to Yaman and Seher.U guys are the best with all ur comments. U can’t beat Emanat fans they are the best. 🤗👌🏻👌🏻👊👊😍😍
Rita Liguori
Rita Liguori Muaj më parë
Cerca di guarire ,altrimenti ti fanno la festa
Marli Nascimento
Marli Nascimento Muaj më parë
Eita cara mole uma menina linda e não dá nem um bjs
Rita Liguori
Rita Liguori Muaj më parë
Ci mancava quest'altra,
Hadaya S
Hadaya S Muaj më parë
Yaman was very happy because sahar holding him hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ximena Díaz
Ximena Díaz Muaj më parë
ESPAÑOL CLIP 2 CAP 176 "MI ESPOSA TIENE PLENA CONFIANZA EN MI" Terapista: Asì, comience hacer ejercicio lentamente...Ah, el señor Yaman también vino, quería que estuvieras, es genial, porque así ves cómo se hacen los movimientos Seher: ¡Puedo hacerlo yo misma! Quiero decir .... Yaman: Ella no puede hacerlo sola, ¿me equivoco? Terapista: Sí, ¿deberíamos empezar? Este movimiento es para relajar la cintura, ahora, mantengamos esto un rato, cómodamente ... ¿Le duele a la Sra. Seher? Seher: No no mucho, un poco Terapista: Le sostendré la pierna, ¿puede ayudarme por favor? Bien, ahora descansaremos Pero su cara está roja, ¿le duele? Seher: no, estoy bien Terapista: Ahora la otra pierna, nos quedaremos así un rato...lentamente Seher: Ya está bien así Terapista: No podemos, tenemos que estirar los músculos... Seher: Si tienes que hacer algo de la compañía... Yaman: No, me quedaré acá tanto como se necesite... Terapista: Ahora, intentemos levantarnos....bien, pon tu peso en tu esposo...si te duele es porque no estás poniendo tu peso en tu esposo, a veces nuestros pacientes tienen un problema de confianza... Yaman: Ella tiene plena confianza en mi....no es asì? Terapista: Apoya tu pierna derecha, así... (RECUERDEN QUE ES TRADUCCIÒN APROXIMADA)
Pompilio Jose Saez
Pompilio Jose Saez Muaj më parë
Eres la mejor!!!!!
Alicia Suqui Morocho
Alicia Suqui Morocho Muaj më parë
Eres super divina 😘🤗 grasias 🇪🇨Ximena
Karen Ortega
Karen Ortega Muaj më parë
Muchas gracias 😍🥰
Blanca. Motelito
Blanca. Motelito Muaj më parë
Gracias Ximena
Amneris Moraga
Amneris Moraga Muaj më parë
Jajajaja aún aproximada está buenísima
Proverbs22 Muaj më parë
Seher I don’t even know what you’re saying...but sus ... rahatla
Samiksha Ray
Samiksha Ray Muaj më parë
Therapist: Yes let's start the exercises slowly. Mr. Yaman also came. I wanted you to be here especially. As her husband, it will be very good if you learn the movements. When I am not here, you can repeat them. During this process, the repetition of movements is very important. Seher: I can do it by myself when I learn. Yaman: Obviously you can't do it yourself. Am I wrong? Therapist: Yes you're right. There should be no error in the movements. Should we start? This movement is to relax your waist. Let's stay a little bit in this movement. Do you have pain Ms. Seher? Seher: No, not a lot. Just a little bit. Therapist: I will hold by the ankle. You can provide support to the knee and upper leg, please. Alright now we can move to the other leg. But your face turned red. You said you didn't have a lot of pain. Is it difficult? Seher: No, I am fine. I am getting used to it that's why. Therapist: Yes now without straining too much, let’s move the knee without breaking it. We will stay here for a while. Seher: Can we move to the other leg? Therapist: But it can’t be like that. We can’t do it fast. We have to work the muscles. Seher: I didn't want to disturb anyone from their work. If you have any work at the company? Therapist: Mr. Yaman if you want at another time? Yaman: All my time is for my wife. However much time you want, I am here. Therapist: Now let’s try to get up. Please give your weight to your husband. It hurts because you’re not giving your weight to your husband. Sometimes patients can have a trust problem. Yaman: We jumped over those stages a long time ago. My wife trusts me. Isn’t that right? Therapist: Let’s open the right leg. Just like that.
Sumudu Ruwangi
Sumudu Ruwangi Muaj më parë
Thank you so much dear 😘
Reshmi Kumar
Reshmi Kumar Muaj më parë
Thanks 😊
Mirela Ibric
Mirela Ibric Muaj më parë
Thank you
Elida Leanos
Elida Leanos Muaj më parë
Thank you it’s excellent ♥️🇹🇷♥️🇺🇸♥️from California
Blanca. Motelito
Blanca. Motelito Muaj më parë
iman kheder
iman kheder Muaj më parë
يمان ترك التجارة وأصبح معالج فيزيائي Yaman leave trading, now he is Physical therapy
R MN Muaj më parë
She cannot run away. She need him to help her with the exercise😅yes Yaman bey ur the best 👍😘
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