Cat carried away from Scottish polling station

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A cat was carried away from a polling station in Kirkwall, Orkney as people voted in crucial Scottish elections. The SNP won five of the first six seats to be declared, although there was an increase in support in some areas for opposition pro-union parties, indicating the final outcome of the election could be very close

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Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 26 ditë më parë
Cat lives matter! ✊😼
David Sebelius (Davsvidfan02)
David Sebelius (Davsvidfan02) Muaj më parë
Even a cat's vote matters.
wouter0612 Muaj më parë
Minerva McGonagall trying to vote
Duncan Wilde
Duncan Wilde Muaj më parë
Even Scottish cats are in despair over the politics of their country.
Planta Genista
Planta Genista Muaj më parë
"I'm not a cat".
Simon Hurst
Simon Hurst Muaj më parë
The cat was supervising the vote purrrfectly
Person Person
Person Person Muaj më parë
"Help! I've been turned into a cat! Don't yoy dare violate my inaliable rights! I have the right to vote, aye, I do!"
Mosheryon Muaj më parë
Can we make this the Guardians top story for 2021?
Darlene Waters
Darlene Waters Muaj më parë
I can haz vote?
Decimus Septimus Tutelus
Decimus Septimus Tutelus Muaj më parë
Took the cat out but left the cow in
TheCanadiangirl4 Muaj më parë
So did the vote counter count that as one cat on her voter sheet?
sk8mysterion Muaj më parë
See, they are starting with cat videos, nice😻
Spluck It
Spluck It Muaj më parë
🙄 This is deemed news? Seriously?
Public Public
Public Public Muaj më parë
All the more reason for direct democracy.
CommodoreLezmo Muaj më parë
Wow the first time in over a year I've watched a news clip with a headline that matches the content honestly.
A fellow teaser
A fellow teaser Muaj më parë
Whittington's cat 😸 gone missing 😅
caleb weiss raaberg
caleb weiss raaberg Muaj më parë
Whats the point
Kirra Muaj më parë
Rabbie Burns to William Shakespeare You will never be my brother, Not in faith nor common Mother. (author: D.Dzhango)
Slink Selina
Slink Selina Muaj më parë
Wow a cat , what about Pam Glancy who is a Glasgow candidate for the Labour Party , she was refused entry , with a pass let’s not forget that important factor , because the security didn’t believe her , because she is a wheel chair user !! Then when she finally got in , they made it difficult for her to move around the building with barricades , restricted stair lift entry , she was broken
burrowsgod Muaj më parë
scrapping the barrel now.
Lord Fieldsworth
Lord Fieldsworth Muaj më parë
Let the cat vote!
Mobile Gamer
Mobile Gamer Muaj më parë
He came to vote his favorite contestant
Ethan Coats
Ethan Coats Muaj më parë
This is a sign, notice it. United we stand, divided we fall. Speaking through as royal blood, connected to King Richard III and King Louis XVI
Ethan Coats
Ethan Coats Muaj më parë
@MB Taber 4wing5
Ethan Coats
Ethan Coats Muaj më parë
@MB Taber our ancestors are not proud rn
Ethan Coats
Ethan Coats Muaj më parë
@MB Taber grow up and open your heart up
Ethan Coats
Ethan Coats Muaj më parë
@MB Taber speaking as someone who is nothing like you and is an empath; this needs to stop. The past is the past.
MB Taber
MB Taber Muaj më parë
Why did Brexit occur then?
Moshe David Dyion
Moshe David Dyion Muaj më parë
Every living have a rights to live life 😂🧬
htao06 Muaj më parë
Cat went there to make sure the election is not stolen.
Max Penn
Max Penn Muaj më parë
Mr C
Mr C Muaj më parë
This is the only guardian headline/title I've seen for a while which isn't misleading in some way.
antourte1 Muaj më parë
I appreciate that instead of something like "Cat tries out voting" it's just literally exactly what happened in the video :)
Peregrine Slim
Peregrine Slim Muaj më parë
The name of the cat is Starmer. And he likes being carried off.
Hannah McCarthy
Hannah McCarthy Muaj më parë
In search of a Mr Salmon, no doubt
Person Person
Person Person Muaj më parë
🤣🤣🤣👍👍 made my day
Dusty Boi
Dusty Boi Muaj më parë
Cat being racially segregated at the polling station, 2021 (colourised)
mark jacques
mark jacques Muaj më parë
It's looking for rats lol
Person Person
Person Person Muaj më parë
Long way from London, ... Or Holyrood.
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly Muaj më parë
Cats suffrage shouldn’t be denied
Et x
Et x Muaj më parë
if Scotland knows what they are doing they would immediately make that cat a celebrity to bring out the vote
Ramming Speed
Ramming Speed Muaj më parë
Slaves voting for yet more tyranny
Black Rose
Black Rose Muaj më parë
There really must be zero news today if this has made it on !!
Chris Hazlitt
Chris Hazlitt Muaj më parë
Let him vote..
Trenton Tiller
Trenton Tiller Muaj më parë
Wasn't the cat one of the candidates?
Modern Day Warrior
Modern Day Warrior Muaj më parë
The whole time the lady was thinking 'This is going to end up on ALclone, I hope none of my neighbours post that that's actually my cat...'
Raul Duke
Raul Duke Muaj më parë
In other news , conservative landslide Again . The Gaurdian has its finger on the pulse of the nation as usual
Hannah McCarthy
Hannah McCarthy Muaj më parë
It’s spelled ‘Grauniad’, as any fule kno.
Dusty Boi
Dusty Boi Muaj më parë
I’ve seen you post a couple of times. Haven’t quite mastered how to spell “Guardian” yet have you?
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Muaj më parë
Some Body’s Body
Some Body’s Body Muaj më parë
This is voter suppression.
Cold Soup
Cold Soup Muaj më parë
Josh V
Josh V Muaj më parë
Snp will definitely count that as a vote
Joseph McDermott
Joseph McDermott Muaj më parë
Let's face it. You might as well do cat videos at this point.
Dolores Hummingbird
Dolores Hummingbird Muaj më parë
Totally! Breaking up the monotony of world disasters is exactly the kind of stories we need right now! 😷
Sam Taylor
Sam Taylor Muaj më parë
Yaur Yaur
Yaur Yaur Muaj më parë
Did she test positive for Coronavirus?
Person Person
Person Person Muaj më parë
Dara M
Dara M Muaj më parë
The Alex Salmond of the feline world.
Person Person
Person Person Muaj më parë
Zena Gray
Zena Gray Muaj më parë
Oh bless...
Rachel Philip
Rachel Philip Muaj më parë
Shrek Wazowski
Shrek Wazowski Muaj më parë
That time I got reincarnated as a cat
Sonja Morrison
Sonja Morrison Muaj më parë
Covid carrier
diana Muaj më parë
Con vid is a scam.
Esther B.
Esther B. Muaj më parë
Votes for cats!
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