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Very nice show
Papamolly 9 orë më parë
A: how are these women problems B: nobody's making women do any of these
Maria Chimborazo
Maria Chimborazo 9 orë më parë
• Bluxblyee
• Bluxblyee 9 orë më parë
*You guys have no sense in fashion your clothes are ugly 😭*
Martin Gonzalez galan
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Pineapple Tree
Pineapple Tree 9 orë më parë
Why be ashamed of your skin problems? Who are you trying to impress? God already knows what you really look like, and he loves you anyway. His opinion is the only one that matters.
Thully Mahlangu
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ام هيثم شفيق
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يهبخ يعبخ يلغ٩ ثلهخ
Cheng seakngim Nana
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XD nonsens
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O wow mega tricka!!🔥🔥
line rymene hammouche
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line rymene hammouche
line rymene hammouche 11 orë më parë
Bagam Shak
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XxAngel_AftonxX 11 orë më parë
People keep thinking that girls are girly. And their not always girly it gets really annoying 😡
Tajbi Tahia
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আর খাইয়া কাজ নাই আইসব করতে যাব😏😏😏
Kilara Mominova
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Nanda Bapu
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Did you took really Just one minute to make this😋😋(after 1para)...... Well okk very intresting and creative idea ....Just joking
Srestha Saha
Srestha Saha 11 orë më parë
13:47 Indians use these buckets for numerous things and Womens pick 2 at a time and walk Long Distances.
Sound Therapy - Therapeutic Sleep & Relaxation
Sound Therapy - Therapeutic Sleep & Relaxation 11 orë më parë
Hey y'all, it's James I'm 17 yrs old in Texas, USA. 🇺🇸 I hope everyone here has a great day, so go be great.
أريج ورؤى المصري
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أفتحو على قناة أريج ورؤى المصري جميلة جدا يارب يخليلكو أمه وأبوه مم
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aunque no me gusto una parte del video
Gina Valderrama
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woooo! hh mucha creatividad
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That was mine pie for 00:20
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Just give that poor kid some real McDonald's😭✋
grace perry
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7:57 someone needs a skincare routine
Jisoon Jeon
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9:36 that’s stupid
GB KI MEMES 2.0 12 orë më parë
Helo i am very poor😥 i dont have job to handle my family😭 i work on ALclone but no a good reponse😭 youthink i am worse thank other😭😭😭😭😭,,,,,,,
Alexa Harris
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What country do you live in and I can join you
Alexa Harris
Alexa Harris 11 orë më parë
So that you can have money
Sofia Gasparekova
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alida flus
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Happy mother's day
Mr & Mrs Hilarious
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😂😱😁This new neighbour of mine parked into our compound with his newly married wife. 😂They were busy flaunting kisses every where. On the stair case, toilet, inside the car, outside the compound even on the road. Compelled by this recent development, i decided to spice my own love and romance life before my wife starts feeling somehow about us.😂 I came back home to meet my wife in the kitchen. She had her wrapper tied to her breast as usual. I slowly tip toed passed her, heading for our bedroom.😂 I walked into our bedroom, and dressed the bed. I changed the white bulbs to red. I scattered red and white flowers on the floor, and arranged red candles round our bed, placing some candles in the centre of the rug carpet.😂 I pulled off my cloth and wore a white and red trouser to match with the moment.😂 I was still arranging the bottle of wine and bouquet of flowers in a small bucket, when my wife opened the bedroom door to see every where in red. Ooooh My God!!!!! So you are now a Ritualist .' my, (wife shouted.) Before i could say a word, she opened the door and zoomed off. I chased after her to explain. 'Babe, i can explain, please stop!' i shouted as i ran out shirtless with just my red and white trouser. But she increased her speed. I was chasing my wife with a red candles in my hands and i didn't even know.😂 Our new neighbours saw my wife zoom passed them in a flash. Moments later , they saw me with a red candle and red trousers running towards them. On seeing me, they removed their shoes and ran out of the gate, running after my wife as fast as their legs could carry them.... Now, my wife's family and I, have gathered for over 2hrs now. We are all receiving marriage counseling from the elders. See the way my surprise romance have landed me in trouble. 😂😂😂😂 Thanks so much for reading my joke, If you enjoyed it, all am asking is to do me a favour, I want you to PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to my channel, I know u are capable. 💛💛👍 it very simple Just touch my profile picture and you will see where to SUBSCRIBE Plssssssss🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
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7:30 you kept the spoon reverse
Sunil Nishad
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