The Secret Behind Bucky's Arm
Ahmadreza Zare
Ahmadreza Zare 14 minuta më parë
Zemo from someone I hated became someone I love ,I really really hope he will have his own movie or TV show (please?🥲)
Eric Ortega
Eric Ortega 18 minuta më parë
1:40 that just made me smile so big
OXY ARES OP 20 minuta më parë
Darkspine Gamer
Darkspine Gamer 22 minuta më parë
Who ever hated this is cruel
farhan hasin
farhan hasin 22 minuta më parë
Now i am hyped for Black Widow.
모카mocha 23 minuta më parë
설마 이 장면... 드라마 로키에서 쓰는건 아니겠지? : )
Kick-Ass 27 minuta më parë
I thought its a multiverse in the first😭
Aparna Erra
Aparna Erra 31 minutë më parë
I love 💘 it
oh my goal
oh my goal 31 minutë më parë
Is not it's called mandarin
Preet Mohanty
Preet Mohanty 33 minuta më parë
We want Steve Rogers back 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Lonely Egg
Lonely Egg 34 minuta më parë
Why does it feel that infinity war released yesterday
NUMBLE ! 36 minuta më parë
When you realise they were teasing WandaVision all the way back in 2019
Disney Luvs Rhino Dixs
Disney Luvs Rhino Dixs 36 minuta më parë
Female Loki to replace Male Loki ! Eww… 🤮
vishnu Sudarsanam
vishnu Sudarsanam 42 minuta më parë
My parents after the movie: He had to fight for his life because he didn't listen to his parents
Travis Menezes
Travis Menezes 46 minuta më parë
For the King ❤❤
girl shanhel
girl shanhel 47 minuta më parë
just how fast the night changes ✨
Otinad 53 minuta më parë
92,214 people who disappeared in the snap disliked this
Robbie Martin
Robbie Martin 55 minuta më parë
Venom 2 just beat this in views
LHD3SIGN3R 58 minuta më parë
SKY 59 minuta më parë
She just looks like she's trying to hard to be interested in this. It doesn't even look like a real interview.
Ujjwal Raj
Ujjwal Raj Orë më parë
My first superhero🙂
Avid Runes
Avid Runes Orë më parë
Paying my respects, don't mind me.
PAIN Orë më parë
2:31 there in Andrew Garfield back in Spiderman no way home
Priya Hajare
Priya Hajare Orë më parë
Superhit film
Vanshaj Jarial
Vanshaj Jarial Orë më parë
most disastrous series I had ever watched till now
The Magnificent cinema
The Magnificent cinema Orë më parë
This is a mixture of inception+Tenet+Harry Potter+Sherlock Holmes
LeGo mAn
LeGo mAn Orë më parë
Bro my name is Langston as well
Nitin goyal
Nitin goyal Orë më parë
Why this is in the pace series of animal kingdom 🤣😂🤣lol
Tux Orë më parë
Chadwick Boseman’s last MCU appearance :(
Hybrid Man
Hybrid Man Orë më parë
2:06 is that black widow
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar Orë më parë
I think I was dreaming
valentina herwansyah
valentina herwansyah Orë më parë
just hahaha film
febri wibowo
febri wibowo Orë më parë
Come on the team, help Palestine
febri wibowo
febri wibowo Orë më parë
Come on the team, help Palestine
febri wibowo
febri wibowo Orë më parë
Come on the team, help Palestine ....
febri wibowo
febri wibowo Orë më parë
Come on the team, help Palestine ,,,
febri wibowo
febri wibowo Orë më parë
Come on the team, help Palestine.... Please
ArrowSparrow Orë më parë
I love how much the Wakandans trust Bucky 😂
Feeling sad for those who missed this in theatres
Once in a life time experience
Rocky Sheikh
Rocky Sheikh 2 orë më parë
I watch this trailer everyday. Its so cool. Music, action, cinematography everything fits perfectly.
Tsg iSell
Tsg iSell 2 orë më parë
The boring tax unknowingly dance because son lastly allow amid a cumbersome driver. jealous, responsible title
Clark Parker
Clark Parker 2 orë më parë
Just checking if the trailer would have been spoiler heavy. This actually works.
Phanto 2 orë më parë
People will look back on this moment when Marvel Comics publishing folds.
Kenneth Wong
Kenneth Wong 2 orë më parë
Yup. I'm not watching any of these movies unless they're in a theater.
spiderverse 616
spiderverse 616 2 orë më parë
Does anyone know the name of the song?
Dino 2 orë më parë
We were all in joy when this trailer came out, good old days.
Harvey Lyon
Harvey Lyon 2 orë më parë
Any time I'm bored, or lonely, or depressed, I come back and watch trailers for films like this one. This trailer still gives me goosebumps and I will never experience anything like watching this in cinemas ever again
Melodies Records
Melodies Records 2 orë më parë
A great person💯💯💯
x DARK x NERO x 2 orë më parë
is like pubg theme
모바일비트코인 3 orë më parë
Glock 18c Dual
Vanshaj Jarial
Vanshaj Jarial 3 orë më parë
she died in the endgame but this story will lead us to what.... will she be coming back in avengers series
John Ferreras
John Ferreras 3 orë më parë
"I'm Blind Carl not Stupid"
John Ferreras
John Ferreras 3 orë më parë
Elevation E
Elevation E 3 orë më parë
this makes me want to watch this movie for the 300th time
Mahendra Kandari
Mahendra Kandari 3 orë më parë
This movie is also release in Hindi??
Coby Eugene
Coby Eugene 3 orë më parë
Smash Bros. Ultimate coming out, and this trailer... what a day that was!
JOMARYT 3 orë më parë
Why was this recommended to me today either way it's acceptable while I eat a hotpocket
Josh Mellark
Josh Mellark 3 orë më parë
The music in the background is weiiirdddly cool 0:54
Joel Poon
Joel Poon 3 orë më parë
man this movie looks so cool i can’t wait for it to come out
X Freezy
X Freezy 3 orë më parë
Club Report : April 9 , 2021
Jiratchaya Thanomsuk
Jiratchaya Thanomsuk 3 orë më parë
Can’t wait!!!!
Zhiying Shi
Zhiying Shi 3 orë më parë
Jose Alonso
Jose Alonso 3 orë më parë
Eternals. I. Can. Not. Wait....
Katelyn Evans
Katelyn Evans 4 orë më parë
Someone please tell me why 0:17 is so attractive
Alokh chand
Alokh chand 4 orë më parë
Who r u? Im Yu ... n hu r u? Im me
dxadlydeath? unxrmed_spirit
dxadlydeath? unxrmed_spirit 4 orë më parë
fun fact its fake only create this in movie not real live its on only vfx not a all prces to do thsi
OrangePal 4 orë më parë
0:28 Gives me chills
i just want to say that
i just want to say that 4 orë më parë
Somewhere he look like jet lee
Smeargle OS
Smeargle OS 4 orë më parë
This is better than Screen Time, Snowflake, Safe Space, and Trailblazer.
CheLFa K. Malik
CheLFa K. Malik 4 orë më parë
King T'challa: WAKANDA FOREVER 🙅🏿🙅🏿🙅🏿🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️🙅🏻‍♂️
The Lonely Wolf
The Lonely Wolf 4 orë më parë
True marvel fans saw the movies a day before they released 🚫🧢
Isaac Mulisa
Isaac Mulisa 4 orë më parë
im your 63,255 like
Javier Estrada
Javier Estrada 4 orë më parë
Can you do spider-man next
Isaac Mulisa
Isaac Mulisa 4 orë më parë
im your 42,460 like
Nancy Marroquin
Nancy Marroquin 4 orë më parë
But Loki would never wear red! His colors are green and gold, red and grey are Thor’s colors 😓
Takeda.Naruto 4 orë më parë
"It is adorable that you think you could possibly manipulate me" This series is gonna be the best disney/marvel one
Lady Random
Lady Random 4 orë më parë
He reminds me of Tobey Maguire xd
Isaac Mulisa
Isaac Mulisa 4 orë më parë
im your 12,800 like
Takeda.Naruto 4 orë më parë