Yappyn 4 orë më parë
People who have a like on this video are simps, change my mind
Madie 4 orë më parë
Damnnnnnn dreammm pop offf
Xxsxmply dreamerxX
Xxsxmply dreamerxX 4 orë më parë
If y'all hate this so much , why don't you make a music video for this, because you hate this style so much, you go ahead and make an animated music video for this -_- go on I'd like to see you try
Lwcky 4 orë më parë
I mean the song isnt that great by its self lmfao
Tucz Comics
Tucz Comics 4 orë më parë
The animation is so uncanny. I don’t like it
Saitamas Mosquito
Saitamas Mosquito 4 orë më parë
This looks like the animations that play on the screen whenever you get a strike at a bowling alley
Caspian Ropp
Caspian Ropp 4 orë më parë
my mom winders why i scream “WE LIVED AT 18” when im 14
joey tersigni
joey tersigni 4 orë më parë
This hurts to watch omg 🤨
Josiah Oliver
Josiah Oliver 4 orë më parë
Dream is the type of guy to go to a football field to touch grass
propane canister
propane canister 5 orë më parë
i really should go back to king crimson
AlphaIsHere 5 orë më parë
🎤👁👄👁Boyfriend👁👄👁🎤 5 orë më parë
Makes me feel better about my song ideas.
DJ Nerdcore
DJ Nerdcore 5 orë më parë
People are probably gonna judge me for saying this but I don't care how bad the animation is, it's still good, not everyone is the best animator in the world and that's ok. 💚 (This is just my opinion)
StuffyAlien 5 orë më parë
me when no normal pills:
ChrisKB Ortiz
ChrisKB Ortiz 5 orë më parë
Wait..whats all the hate for? This isn't a song I would listen to on a daily basis but it isn't even bad, its pretty good imo
Cudwl 5 orë më parë
how do people find this good lmfao
Jr Gallegos
Jr Gallegos 5 orë më parë
It’s an ok song but HOW TF DO YOU GET AN F+????
BadMadRabbit 5 orë më parë
lyric 5 orë më parë
How do i block a yt channel?
parappa the rapper
parappa the rapper 5 orë më parë
This makes SoundCloud rap look good
Balooga 5 orë më parë
Just don't enable cloth and solidboy on animate clothes when your character looks like it was animate by Pixar in 1995
marlesannric 5 orë më parë
I see a dreamer is better
balony man
balony man 5 orë më parë
i want to *dream* that i didn't hear this song
Harper Parrish
Harper Parrish 5 orë më parë
school threat vibes
AzureSA 5 orë më parë
I love how the top comments went from people praising the song to people shitting on the song in the span of a week
Micho _
Micho _ 5 orë më parë
Blaine Truth
Blaine Truth 5 orë më parë
This song can’t be any worse
Steve 5 orë më parë
You are NOT yass!
Cody Ballard
Cody Ballard 5 orë më parë
I LOVE this song great job
Micho _
Micho _ 5 orë më parë
finally some positivity lol
Kyle Zandberg
Kyle Zandberg 5 orë më parë
Frickin masterpiece😎😎😎🤘🤘🤘
Jackson ✔︎
Jackson ✔︎ 5 orë më parë
They used fabric physics on the report card 😭
ASC Gyro
ASC Gyro 5 orë më parë
he looks like he bought weed from the gas station
Anton Daniel
Anton Daniel 5 orë më parë
Honestly this song is good but the animation man
Micho _
Micho _ 5 orë më parë
ComiXProvider FTW_02
ComiXProvider FTW_02 5 orë më parë
Micho _
Micho _ 5 orë më parë
Logan Withrow
Logan Withrow 5 orë më parë
I give up on you I liked you at first but nevermind
Boiboi 747
Boiboi 747 5 orë më parë
junior plz kill me
junior plz kill me 5 orë më parë
Can someone explain to me why is this getting so much hate?
Mr Walker
Mr Walker 5 orë më parë
The animation is insanely scary. The lyrics are kinda meh.
sarcastic potato
sarcastic potato 5 orë më parë
this looks like the new ford f150 commercial
JD_CT 5 orë më parë
Turtle Girbil
Turtle Girbil 5 orë më parë
Drip Kid
Drip Kid 5 orë më parë
ever since glow squid. i can never forgive this man
SavageJarJar 5 orë më parë
He is crying because he is the only non-cardboard cutout.
Lil'BlueBerry 5 orë më parë
This comment section is filled with rare insults.
Kyan 5 orë më parë
I cringed more at this than I did watching '2 Girls 1 Cup'.
Edwin Ortiz
Edwin Ortiz 5 orë më parë
Hiding all those gallons of grease
Jakeknike 8
Jakeknike 8 5 orë më parë
Dream does not know how shirts work
Khorne 5 orë më parë
This song makes me want to purge myself.
Lil'BlueBerry 5 orë më parë
TradeLog 5 orë më parë
Why everybody hating on him??? Tbh I think yall just jealous of 'em
junior plz kill me
junior plz kill me 5 orë më parë
Nice bait
Lego C-3PO
Lego C-3PO 5 orë më parë
Dreams clothes on the video be like: ⬆️➡️⬅️↘️⬇️↙️↖️↕️↗️↩️↪️⤴️⤵️➡️↘️⬇️↙️⬅️↙️↖️↕️⬆️↗️⤵️⤴️↪️
Mauro Padrón
Mauro Padrón 5 orë më parë
This is why you don't buy your cocaine from the gas station
Jakeknike 8
Jakeknike 8 5 orë më parë
1:56 - 2:02 editing looks like it was on a budget of $1
ZMC Shocker
ZMC Shocker 5 orë më parë
Hey dream this is really close to how I feel so thank you
Trapoc 5 orë më parë
Are you 12
semniem 5 orë më parë
1:34 "IM OK BITCH"
Cartoons Man
Cartoons Man 5 orë më parë
I’d laugh at someone too if their were wearing a Dream shirt
Jayden Happy Havoc
Jayden Happy Havoc 5 orë më parë
I’m gonna start crying.
Boden Wadley
Boden Wadley 5 orë më parë
This was a great song good job
this makes me cry
Vicco 5 orë më parë
Did no one seriously noticed that in the grades sheet it says "Mathmatics" instead of "Mathematics"? Lol
melancholy gost
melancholy gost 5 orë më parë
I used to think green stance didn't exist, then I watch the live chat...
Thezfor 5 orë më parë
You know you have a problem when you can relate to this
Deba 5 orë më parë
this dream looks like ben 10 with drug addiction
D C 5 orë më parë
this looks like a school threat animation
The Meaty Marshmallow
The Meaty Marshmallow 5 orë më parë
That's what the mask is
Yami Edits
Yami Edits 5 orë më parë
My man dream has gone though a lot let's help him to get out this situation.
Unichinno 5 orë më parë
3:03 best part of the video. No contest
Tim villarreal
Tim villarreal 5 orë më parë
Everyone really shitting on dream for being a human
partridge 4 orë më parë
@DusTV yeah
DusTV 5 orë më parë
Its not about his problems we're shitting on, its the animation
doinjo709 5 orë më parë
@Connor Raab true
partridge 5 orë më parë
he's brocken 😢😢🖤🥀
Connor Raab
Connor Raab 5 orë më parë
Shitting on the bad music meaning and animation
noah 5 orë më parë
this is terrifying
its poncho
its poncho 5 orë më parë
Jared Robertson
Jared Robertson 5 orë më parë
Hey dream you probably don't know me and that's fine. I am a huge fan of your video and have a lot of respect for you. About 5 years ago I was car accident and cannot move my legs. I heard this song and it was playing on my Alexa and I finally got up and turned it off
junior plz kill me
junior plz kill me 5 orë më parë
They had us in the first half ngl
DusTV 5 orë më parë
This is the best comment on this comment section
Verlax 5 orë më parë
Amazing story.
•Minsa Ali•
•Minsa Ali• 5 orë më parë
why tho
why tho 5 orë më parë
0:45 i love how you can see the mask attach to his model
Kaz Miller
Kaz Miller 5 orë më parë
That shirt tho
Paris P7
Paris P7 5 orë më parë
Why are you so mattress
FireBlazer1212 5 orë më parë
I do not know why people are hating on this song, I low key like it
Scratch¡ 5 orë më parë
i hate that this guy is getting ad revenue
Duds_ GamING
Duds_ GamING 5 orë më parë
For a second song not to bad I give it a 3 mrbeasts out of 2 pea shooters
GamePlays 5 orë më parë
quit being disrespectful towards dream, he’s not normal
DusTV 5 orë më parë
It isn't his problems, its the animation and how its conveyed
Creeps 097
Creeps 097 5 orë më parë
dont tell me dream actually made this
Faiha Saras
Faiha Saras 5 orë më parë
but he's the one who made the song. i love this song anyway :D
Faiha Saras
Faiha Saras 5 orë më parë
He's not
moose 5 orë më parë
The worst part is the animatics they're gonna make 100% unironically using the song PLS 😭
David Villamonte
David Villamonte 5 orë më parë
1:48 For Lord's sake, man. You need freaking glasses, look at your left eye, is literally popping out.
Vibes overdrive
Vibes overdrive 5 orë më parë
Dream I never knew you felt like this, You will get through this buddy.